Country specific expertise:

Long term assignments in - with:


Afghanistan: medical assistance for Internal Displaced and returnees

Bangladesh: refugee health care and advocacy on involuntary return of refugees

Cambodia: human rights & political affairs monitoring; medical relief programs

India: exploratory mission to Kashmir; earthquake response

Iraq: refugee program and Jordan, preparatory mission for refugee program prior to second Gulf War

Kyrgyzstan: election monitoring

Palestinian Territories: exploratory mission refugees

Sri Lanka: surgical program across frontline in Tamil Tiger areas

Turkey: refugee program in Kurdistan


Comoros: exploratory mission Anjouan independence

Djibouti: primary health care in slums

Ghana: emergency response to meningitis epidemic

Rwanda: academic medical research program with Kigali University and others

Senegal: refugee camps along border Mauritanian border

Sierra Leone: establishment new mission in psychosocial care for children

Somalia: emergency surgical operation into Mogadishu

Somaliland: illegal cross border medical relief operation

Uganda: academic medical research program with Kampala University and others


Albania: medical supply program

Bosnia & Herzegovina: election monitoring; psychosocial care

Croatia: return of refugees; political program; support regional and local administration; war crimes monitoring

Kosovo: refugee program; psychosocial care

Other engagements include countries such as Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenia, Liberia, Madagascar and The Philippines.