Unique environment

Working in International Assistance in (post) conflict areas requires special crafts and traits. Working in a highly complex field, with professionals and volunteers, managing on a distance, dealing with sensitive political and/or security issues and working in a quickly changing context requires commitment, analytic skills, diplomacy, decisiveness, and flexibility.

Operating with staff which is highly committed to the cause of your organisation is a great asset. It is often necessary to work under difficult circumstances in cultural diverse settings. This advantage can be maximized if the organisation is well structured and organised. The organisation needs visionary people and builders. The aim is to give both talents due attention and to balance properly, commensurate with the development stage of your organisation.

Reorganising is often a hurdle to take, especially in an organisation in which professional and personal ambitions are overlapping. A good knowledge of the work and its ethics and culture is necessary to gain the respect, and generate staff willingness to jointly enter a process of change. An outsider who is also an insider is best placed to bring about the necessary turn.
To have change stick often entails a need for cultural adaptation. Practical tools have been developed to assist the cultural change process and thus to reinforce structural changes.